So it put comes with individuals of each other men and women and all years kinds

So it put comes with individuals of each other men and women and all years kinds

Logistic regression studies was used to evaluate the connection between your level of nutritional risk, demographic functions as well as the number of the brand new SES directory. A 95% confidence top is actually then followed to own calculating the odds ratio (OR). Lowest diet risk is actually chose just like the reference value when you look at the logistic regression analysis (Or = step one.00), playing with women towards adjustable sex, 60–74 towards the decades varying, outlying area for in your geographical area, Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship to your area for household and you will lowest towards SES list. A p worth Desk step 1 gift ideas the latest demographic functions and you will SES indicated of the SES directory amounts of the study group. Lower than 75% of one’s respondents were girls and you may old 60–74 decades. Nearly two-thirds of one’s participants originated from metropolitan areas along with a hundred,100000 populace and one 3rd about countryside. The latest Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship was represented on the study because of the more 50 % of of one’s respondents. Nearly 32% from respondents were described as reduced and almost twenty five% by large socioeconomic position. The remaining percentage of respondents was in fact characterized by medium socioeconomic standing.

step 3.2. Nutritional Risk

The dwelling of one’s matchmaking involving the parameters discussing the particular level off health risk, picked group has actually plus the number of SES was presented within the Shape 1 . By using the hierarchical group off Ward’s approach, a few groups of variables was basically chose ( Profile dos ). One put consisted of those with a leading health risk and you may, meanwhile, characterized by such as has actually because the surviving in the Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship, residing in metropolitan areas and you will reasonable SES. The next set provided people with a reduced health chance, about Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, out of rural portion and with a leading SES.

The structure of relationship involving the details discussing health risk, selected market has actually and you will socioeconomic condition. R_H-highest health exposure; R_L-lowest health risk; W-woman; M-man; 60–74-many years in many years; >75-many years 75 and over; V-village; C one hundred-urban area with over a hundred,100 population; Sw-Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship; Sl-Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship; SES_L-low socioeconomic condition; SES_M-medium socioeconomic condition; SES_H-high socioeconomic standing.

The newest hierarchical group away from parameters outlining health exposure, chosen demographic possess and you will announced socioeconomic standing. R_H-high nutritional chance; R_L-low nutritional exposure; W-woman; M-man; 60–74-years in many years; >75-ages 75 as well as; C a hundred-urban area with over one hundred,100000 people; Sw-Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship; Sl-Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship; SES_L-low socioeconomic status; SES_M-medium socioeconomic position; SES_H-higher socioeconomic position.

Almost 80% of one’s participants got a high health exposure. Intercourse and you will decades were not parameters rather identifying the amount of nutritional chance of the latest victims. Alot more anybody from the large nutritional chance originated in the new Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship. Concurrently, in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, the latest respondents was even more commonly characterized by a minimal nutritional chance. A substantially higher ratio regarding respondents out of metropolitan areas with a high health risk are presented with regards to a minimal nutritional chance. An inverse relationship are found in the case of participants regarding rural elements. Reduced SES is more have a tendency to ascribed to people with a high nutritional risk, and you will vice versa ( Dining table 2 ).

Dining table step 3

Connectivity anywhere between nutritional chance level and you may market functions and you can SES index about research take to (adjusted chance ratios with 95% rely on durations).

cuatro. Discussion

A portion of the purpose of it functions were to measure the relationships between the demographic characteristics (age, sex and put from house) and socioeconomic position regarding elderly people locally and you may nutritional risk. Inside functions, new article authors placed an emphasis towards exploring the matter-of and therefore of your own indexed socioeconomic issues determines the risk of malnutrition to help you a the total amount-namely, that lowest SES is in the a notably high health risk. Meanwhile, ages and gender just weren’t circumstances significantly impacting variations in new level of health exposure. The analysis away from nutritional risk isn’t a broad field of browse. Polish training help contrast losing weight threats and you may standards towards couple degree carried out in other countries. It’s, thus, had a need to get to know the health danger of seniors residing in town, taking into account group services and you can socioeconomic position.

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