And that plan of your after the do inform you a correct sequence out of market change due to the fact usually associated with economic innovation?

And that plan of your after the do inform you a correct sequence out of market change due to the fact usually associated with economic innovation?

What’s Green Gold?

Just what part of nation’s demand for pure rubber was came across by the local design: (a) 80% (b) 97% (c) 86% (d) 100% Answer: C 156. Shield holds off foodgrains have assisted the federal government to get to all however, among adopting the: (a) positivesingles Handy resolve dinner problem (b) look after Social Delivery Program (c) use employment generation programs (d) provide healthy food choices to help you public Respond to: C 157. Asia is alleged to settle the second phase of group changeover as the: a) delivery speed was large however, -demise rate is actually declining due to improvement in healthy functions b) death pricing and delivery costs try declining greatly c) none of significantly more than d) each other birth and you may death prices are highest Address: A good 158.

Reasonable birth rate having reduced passing rates ii. India is actually a member of and that of your own after the? Asia-Pacific Economic Venture ii. Colombo Package iii. Providers for monetary collaboration and you may innovation (OECD) iv. Far-eastern Innovation Financial Discover the right address using the password provided below: (a) step one and you can step 3 just (b) dos and you may 4 just (c) step 3 and you can 2 simply (d) 1, 2, step 3 and 4 Address: B 160. Supercomputer b. A special technique during the e-organization c. A unique techniques inside bridge building d. A list regarding holds from higher businesses Respond to: D 161. And this of after the are/are commodity/ies on what subsidy is provided so you can growers/worst from inside the India? Manure dos. Kerosene step three. LPG a good) Merely A-b) Only B c) Merely C d) An effective, B and you may C Respond to: D 162.

NITI throughout the NITI Aayog means a beneficial. National Organization having Mobile India b. National Organization having Converting India c. Federal Income to have Animated Asia d. Federal Place for Traveling India Respond to: B 163. Believe within the India comes their expectations out of: an effective. Fundamental Liberties b. Directive Standards from State coverage c. Basic Requirements d. Preamble Answer: B 164. Economic questionnaire are written by : a. Ministry away from Loans b. Considered Payment c. Govt. Indian Mathematical Institute Address: A 165. Dadabhai Naoroji theorised on sink away from riches of Asia inside the his guide: a beneficial. Impoverishment under British Rule inside the India b. Impoverishment when you look at the United kingdom Rule into the Asia c. Impoverishment and you will United nations-United kingdom Signal from inside the Asia d. Poverty of Economic Sink inside the United kingdom Asia Respond to: C 166. What type of your own pursuing the is the right sequence regarding the decreasing acquisition out of share of different groups with the Gross Residential Device regarding India ?

What does Sensex relate solely to?

Services-Industry-Farming b. Services-Agriculture-World c. Industry-Services-Farming d. Industry-Agriculture-Characteristics Address: An excellent 167. Nationalisation away from finance companies is finished with the objective of: an excellent. And therefore about three of one’s adopting the nationalized financial institutions have been combined has just a beneficial. Brand new Bank off Asia and Financial of Asia and you can SBI b. Main Bank off Asia and you may Firm Bank and you will Lender from Baroda c. Karur Bank and you may Lender away from Asia and you may Vijaya Bank d. Lender off baroda and you can Vijaya Lender and you can Dena Bank Address: D 169. What are gilt-edged bonds? Securities approved by multinationals b. Securities awarded of the authorities c. Securities given by the private sectors d. Ties issued from the joint venture businesses Address: B 170. The fresh new functions of your own Set-aside Bank out of Asia is actually: 1. The latest Ties and you will Replace Board off India might have been created in order to : step one.

Manage the brand new passions of traders dos. To regulate the activities out-of agents regarding stock exchange step 3. Which among the adopting the is the oldest Development Standard bank out of India? UTI b. IDBI c. ICICI d. IFCI Address: D 174. And therefore major Indian standard bank has actually above 50 percent ownership away from IDBI financial? UTI b. LIC c. ICICI d. IFCI Respond to: B 175. Which of your after the Indian finance companies isn’t good nationalized financial? Corporation Financial b. Dena Lender c. Federal bank d. Vijaya Bank Answer: C 176. And therefore of your own pursuing the is the ‘informal route’ from borrowing from the bank for the economic business? Credit cards b. Loan facing silver from monetary institute c. Debit notes d. Money lender Respond to: D 177. Hence of your own after the was referred to as the fresh setup economic climates?

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